Pink Sugar Hand Cream

  • Pleasant Fragrance with Plant Essence: With a fresh cutting fragrance, the scented aromatherapy lifts your spirit and brings you a pleasant mood. Deeply moisturizing and moisturizing hand cream makes hands silky soft, smooth and rejuvenated.
  • Enjoy Powerful Organic and Natural Ingredients: Enriched with 12% Shea Butter and Argan Oil, Natural Glycerin, Vitamin Minerals and more. These formulas soften the outer layers of the skin and penetrate into the deeper inner layers. Not greasy at all and super moisturizing.
  • For All Skin: Moisturizer created with Shea Butter is perfect for dry and chapped hands-on all skin types. Gentle on the skin and soothing to the core, this hand lotion is designed to offer you maximum comfort.
  • On Holidays: Travel Hand Cream is the perfect size to take or leave wherever you go – one at home, one in the car and one at your desk. It is the perfect size to put in your purse or handbag.
  • For Everyone: Carefully crafted and enriched with nourishing essentials, the cream offers you long-lasting rejuvenated skin. This luxury gift makes a great gift for anyone – yourself, colleagues, family and friends!